License Activation and Deactivation



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    Kushner, Rick [USA]

    I would like a link here to the license management page.

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    Hello Rick,

    To access the license manager, you can click on the link directly from the Licenses section in Settings, or copy this URL: (insert your license key) 

    Hope that helps!

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    Guilhem Gely (Edited )

    Hi Alex,

    Your URL (insert your license key)  doesn't work.

    I'm licences manager for my compagny and I need to assign or unassign licences without installing Sharegate (and consumming licence) on my desktop.  


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    Hey Guilhem! 

    That link no longer works, but you can always access the manager from Licenses section in Settings (it does require you to have ShareGate Desktop installed and activated on your machine). 

    We encourage you to vote this suggestion up if accessing the management page from outside of the app is something you would like to see in the future. 

    Thank you!

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