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    Joe Baideme

    When running a "versioning" report for documents, I selected the "Size" and "Total size for all versions" column. I was then able to see how much space was being used by versions.

    However, after cleaning up version history, I'm only seeing a fraction of the expected free space in the content db. After some research, my understanding is that SP2013 is only storing the changes to a version, and not necessarily an entire copy of the document.

    If this is accurate, I would suggest including something which clarifies that the actual size of content to be removed will be different than what's reported (and perhaps an explanation). Or, better yet, show how much actual space is being consumed by the version history.


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    Hi Joe,

    This is a fair point and you are right about SharePoint only recording the changes and making the versions relatively small.

    I'll communicate your suggestion to our product team.

    Have a great day, :)

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