Export Metadata and Import and Copy

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    Yousaf, A.U.

    I am trying to import different versions with ShareGate. 
    If I read this documentation the naming convention should be as follows: Filename.[version number].extension

    But the shown examples are wrong: For example, the version 1.0 of the file "SomeFileName.txt" should be saved as "SomeFileName0.1.txt". 


    In this example there is missing one point before the versionnumber.

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    Hello Yousaf, A.U.

    That was definitely an oversight on our part, and it has been corrected!

    Thanks for keeping our articles honest ;)


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    Ng, Andy (VIC)


    My ShareGate Ver does not have Import and Copy function. is this because of my version?



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    Hello Andy! Yes, we introduced the feature later. We recommend updating if you can!

    Updating gets you new features at no extra cost. ShareGate Desktop releases some game-changing features with each major version, as well as bug fixes. 

    We recommend you follow our Releases section to get notified each time we put out a new version or patch!

    Thank you! 

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    Ng, Andy (VIC)

    Thanks, Alex.

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